Sun setting orange over the ocean

Sun setting orange over the ocean

My sleeping son. Why did no one tell me how beautiful children are when they sleep? His face looks like a peaceful young god…

The smell of rain on hot earth. Can some scientist tell me what scent gets released when it rains on hot hot earth? Because if I could bottle that smell I’d be a millionaire. Or perhaps just eternally happy.

Long, glorious, wildly pink sunsets, preferably over the ocean. That expanse of sky where you can see the sun sink into the horizon, the reflection on the water, the sense of stretching every moment to it’s fullest.

Swimming in the ocean.  Riding the waves.  Feeling dry salt on my skin.

A clean apartment. I mean it. The sense of order and clarity when my place is really clean is amazing. I can think more clearly and breathe more easily.

Flowers. Bright petals bring colour even on the greyest day. A reminder that it’s always spring somewhere in the world no matter how long the winter.

Candles on a dark winters night. Or afternoon. Or morning for that matter. The golden flickering glow of candles bring a sense of fairytale magic in the darkness, signifying cosiness, home, warmth.

Autumn leaves on a sunny October day. The bright blue sky as a backdrop to gold and range leaves is  a glorious reminder that soon it will be winter and I must enjoy every last drop of warmth while it lasts.

Growing and harvesting food. The sense of connection to the earth, life cycles, what we really need. Nothing on earth tastes better than a ripe strawberry eaten direct from the plant.

Snow. Yep, seriously, snow. It has a magical quality for me, making me think of fairy godmothers and glittering dresses. The amazing quality of quiet after newly fallen snow, sounds disappearing into the freshly fallen white padding.

Laughter with friends. Trust, understanding, belonging, love. What else do we need in life?

No matter what it is that you love in this life, love it fiercely.



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